The perfect solution for anyone wanting to create an amazing space in their home, starting with one room. This online design offering makes design easily attainable for anyone, anywhere. We will interpret your wishlist and inspirational imagery to distil your vision into a breathtakingly beautiful and functional design and turn it around in a fixed timeframe.


You do not have to have a budget set aside as you can purchase specified items when suits you and your budget.


Even if you have zero budget, I can help you with ideas on how to best use pieces you have to improve the flow and feel in your room.


Following your purchase, you will receive an email requesting key pieces of information, including before pics, wishlist, inspo imagery and questionnaire for completion. Once this information is received your design documentation will be delivered within 14 days via email.


You will receive a document including:

  1. A moodboard - sets the vibe of your space using imagery you provided;
  2. A design concept - details colours and materials and key ideas around what you are trying to achieve (which will keep you on track when faced with decisions down the track);
  3. A floorplan showing suggested layout of key furniture items;
  4. A beautiful cohesive design plan showing 2D mock up and pictures of specified products and how they work together; and
  5. A detailed shopping list with hyperlinks so you can purchase items as and when suits you.

Online Room Design

  • Concrete & Honey (“C&H”) will not start working on the client (“you/your”) design until payment and all requested information has been received. You will receive your completed design concept via email within 14 days after both payment and requested information has been received by C&H.

    C&H offer a limited number of design concepts per month and work will commence design work in order of payments and requested information received. If payment and/or requested information is delayed it may result in you going on the waitlist. C&H will notify you if this is the case.

    The design documentation you receive is a design concept and yours to change as you like. After receiving the design documentation, any changes you want to make are up to you. You do not need to inform C&H of the changes you make and C&H will not make any changes on your behalf once the design documentation has been delivered.

    C&H provide a concept for you to work from. You may complete any interior changes as and when suits you. You may purchase or not purchase any of the specified items as and when suits you.

    If stock of any item/s C&H has specified are not available at the time you choose to order any item/s, C&H are not responsible nor are C&H able to offer alternatives unless you wish to engage C&H’s services on an hourly rate. You now have the design direction which details the vision and design direction and should be well placed to find a suitable alternative.  C&H suggests googling the description of the specified item and selecting something similar you like. C&H is not liable for any furniture, art, objects, items or renovation products which you order or want to order which may not be what you expected, arrive damaged, are not in stock or have unsuitable lead times.

    You agree to C&H sharing your before images and the design concept C&H created for you on their social media accounts and website as part of C&H’s portfolio.  The specifics and details of specified items will not be shared with anyone else at any stage or by any means. 

    You agree to credit “Concrete & Honey” if you publish, post or share any work or photography created by C&H and agree to include appropriate link to C&H’s website or Instagram (@concretehoney).

    Payment of your invoice confirms you understand and agree to the above terms and conditions.

  • Nicola has been the creative director, stylist and photographer for over 60 brand shoots. She has photographed homes for Three Birds Renovations and recently teamed up with The Styling Masterclass as the Facebook Community stylist to give styling feedback on all student assignments. She loves nothing more than imagining and creating beautiful spaces.