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immediate access to the entire course for 8 weeks



6 week online course

An inspiring guilt-free course to sustainably declutter your home


a self paced course for anyone ready to tackle their clutter

  • An action-oriented course delivered in 6 weekly modules to inspire you do the work to declutter your entire home week by week and room by room in a methodical, manageable way

  • Learn how to responsibly free yourself from clutter in order to free up the time it takes to constantly manage, tidy and repeatedly organise your stuff

  • Inspires you to start thinking more mindfully about what you bring into your home, what you hold onto and how to mindfully and sustainably let go of clutter

  • Make sure you join @_themindfuledit instagram page to be part of The Mindful Edit's community offering support and motivation while you do the course and ongoing tips to help keep you on top off all the spaces in your home 

  • Not only will it commit you to making changes you’ve been meaning to act on, but it will also remove the guilt by walking you through positive ways to think about decluttering and teach you how and where to take your goods for them to be used to their full potential once again



anyone who wants more calm than chaos at home

  • Between parenting, work and domestic duties, the load is too heavy - we need to reduce unneccesary daily frustrations related to clutter. Clutter is the enemy of calm

  • Clutter contributes to us feeling overwhelmed and overloaded. We know mess and clutter limits our productivity, wellbeing, happiness and is directly linked to our stress levels

  • For anyone who wishes things could be eaiser - imagine if you could find what you need quickly and easily. If it only took a few minutes to put the house back together at the end of the day. If you could relax with your partner or play with your kids instead of feeling like you just have to get a few more things done before you can stop and spend time together. Or have people over and not freak out about spending days getting the house ready

  • Step into your power to change what isn't working, invest in your wellbeing and be part of this self-care journey


by the end I hope you feel lighter and happier

  • Get clear on why decluttering is important for you and develop a strategy against accumulating more in the future

  • Free yourself from the weight of clutter and the time and space it takes up in your life by actually doing the work to clear the clutter from your home room by room

  • Responsibly offload your clutter

  • Start thinking mindfully about decluttering, domestic duties and organisational systems to support how you want your home to serve you

  • Identify and surround yourself with meaningful, personal pieces that reflect you and your family



A focus on:

- Positivity

- Sustainability

- Practicality

  • I'll teach you how to declutter in the most ethical way & become a more mindful consumer

  • It's highly practical and shares the lessons the I've learnt over my 20 year career organising the lives of senior executives and optimising their and my own efficiency and productivity

  • It's taught through the lens of an interior stylists and photographer - decluttering a space is the first step to creating a space that feels good to be in

  • Helps you identify what isn't working in key spaces of your home, creates the momentum to change them and shares ideas on how to reduce the chaos

  • Start designing how you want to live your daily life


    6 week online decluttering course
    Valid for 2 months
    • A supportive & motivating journey toward being clutter-free:
    • learn my step-by-step decluttering method
    • learn how to declutter without adding to landfill
    • access to the sustainable decluttering directory
    • immediate access - get started as soon as you sign up
    • self paced - you can skip ahead or go slower in some spaces
    • be part of the @_themindfuledit Instagram community
    • worksheets for each week for the checklist lovers
    • you will gain access to the course for 2 months
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