It’s been a long and colourful pathway that has led me to combining my passions for sustainable decluttering and interior styling to create breathtakingly beautiful spaces.

After studying Economics and spending 20 years in financial services as an Executive Assistant to senior executives whilst studying many forms of creative arts along the way, I've spent the last 7 years creating stunning content for over 60 brands.  From  creating  numerous beautiful spaces for a David Jones (baby & nursery) campaign to photographing Three Birds Renovations projects.

In my experience, 80% of creating a beautiful space is cleaning and clearing it. Starting with a blank canvas and adding in only what you love will always lead to a successful space. I realised this after styling hundreds of products for photography shoots and spending the majority of time cleaning, tidying & ironing before I could add in the beauty.


I now have 2 children, too much stuff and understand the constant battle that comes with trying to manage the masses of clothes, toys, unwanted gifts and sentimental objects.

Following a proven process of removing clutter, restoring order and adding personality and deep beauty to a space fuels my passion to continue to create spaces you want to come home to.

image credit: Adore magazine.

photographer Hannah Blackmore