Perhaps you need some help to DECLUTTER; to RESTORE ORDER; and CREATE A FEELING OF CALM by surrounding yourself with pieces that touch, move and inspire you. Or perhaps you need to add storage, flow or that final layer of warmth to find the calm and comfort a home should provide.

We create spaces in your home where you love to be together and where you and your children can retreat. Creating beautiful spaces around you is an investment in you and your family’s wellbeing and happiness. Bringing calm and order to a busy home is a welcome change which will effect how you feel throughout your day, not just when you’re at home.


We love working with what you’ve got. We can shop from your shelves and cupboards and bring your special pieces to the foreground, making your home a place that engages your spirit and reflects your personal style and suits your lifestyle. 


For design advice on layout, furniture and art selection whilst taking advantage of C&H’s trade relationships, we can create spaces from scratch or move around what you already have and reimagine spaces to make them work for the way you live.

We’ll determine an overall vision for your home and set a colour & texture palette based on how you want to feel in your space - this will set the foundations of all our design decisions going forward. We’ll work on one room at a time. Let’s get chatting...


Creating an authentic, considered interior isn’t easy. It’s hard. Especially when you're busy with your own lives, careers and/or children and can't afford to make expensive mistakes. 


It’s a stylists job to help peel back the layers and rediscover what you love about your home. A stylist works with what you’ve got and thoughtfully plans and adds what you need to create a home you love coming home to... and lets face it, it saves you the headaches of researching, measuring, rushing around sourcing and purchasing so you can focus on your work and family.


With a focus on bringing things mindfully into our homes and a bias for Australian designed and made brands, we also declutter with care and sustainably front of mind. We’ll sort and donate your goods to organisations where they will go into homes where they are once again needed.